Don’t let isolation ruin your work from home experience

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Coronavirus has changed the way we connect with others and when we work from home, loneliness can become an issue. Even if you love working from home, feelings of isolation can still creep in, making it difficult to concentrate and lowering productivity levels — in some cases derailing your entire day.

Being aware of the problem is half the battle, though, so what can you do to ward off these feelings, keep negativity at bay, and stay on track with your work?

There’s plenty of information online about exercising and eating well when you feel this way, and these are…


Get control of your cash and enjoy the freedom of freelancing

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When I started out as a freelancer, money was one of my biggest concerns. How would I control my financial situation given the unpredictable nature of a freelance income?Would I have enough to get by?

It’s easy to feel worried when you’re used to earning a more stable income but there are specific ways to overcome this problem, safeguard your financial position, and feel less anxious.

It just takes a little time to consider, and put in place, strategies to deal with cash in your business. …


Get your contingency plan in place

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Freelance work can be irregular, especially at the beginning of your career. But it can also easily dry up when you’re fully established, with what you thought was a firm client base.

Client needs vary all the time, and can suddenly change. You might find yourself with no work at all at some point, but if you’re prepared, you can deal with the problem calmly and effectively.

So what can you do to keep the freelance dream going, and those pennies coming in?

Freelance marketplaces


Flexibility and variety, but you’ll need be persistent

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Indexing is a great freelance career to build from home. It doesn’t usually require travel or expensive equipment, and can be started with a computer, an internet connection, and the appropriate training or experience.

As a professional indexer you’ll need to understand the subject of a book, and know which phrases the reader might look for. And then you go on to compile the index.

What does a freelance indexer do?

As a book indexer you’ll read manuscripts, understand the main themes and concepts, and build a ‘back-of-book’ index that helps readers find information.

You’re effectively a ‘bridge’ between the author and the reader, understanding the…


Follow the three eights for a healthy work/life balance

Rule of eight
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Working from home sounds idyllic, but your days do require a little forethought and planning. If you don’t achieve a balance between work and home life, you’ll burn out and wish you were back in the office.

And you can’t get a better balance than 8:8:8

So what is this magical formula that brings peace and fulfillment to your life?

It’s something I’ve tried recently, and will honestly never go back to my old ways. It’s skyrocketed productivity, brought a sense of order to my working day, and helped me sleep better.

It can do all these things for you…


No stress and strain

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Live simply in the noise and friction
Don’t lose your self to expectation
Of people you don’t even know
Or those you do

Don’t burden your soul
To the point of illness
Incessant chatter, judgement, demands
Impose unnecessary restrictions on your plans

Don’t forget those you love
Who bring you peace and lift you up
So you’re not in this imperfect life alone
At work, at play, especially at home

Be wary of people who spoil your peace
Set careful boundaries to live with ease
It’s up to you who enters your world
So say goodbye to drama and turmoil


A package of skills to set your freelance career on fire

Skills and learning
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You’re in charge of every aspect of your freelance career and business. It’s all in your hands, but don’t worry. Any business skills you don’t already possess can be learned, or gained with experience.

So don’t get caught up in analysis paralysis about what you know and don’t know. Get that freelance business started and you can either learn as you go along, or take one of the many free and low-cost courses available online.

I’ve found these six business skills the most relevant and important to me as a freelancer — I’m sure they’ll help you too.

1. Financial management


Fuss-free, productive freelance days

Man using a computer and software
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Do you stumble from each day to the next in a state of total confusion? Make this year the year that everything changes with the help of these great freelance-friendly apps.

They all have a part to play in building up your freelance career, and provide a structure around which to become more efficient and productive.

From storing your favourite reads for later, to a beautiful Tibetan timer that tells you when it’s time to stop work, freelancer apps boost your productivity and make each day more enjoyable.

Here are some of my favourites.



Take a step back when necessary — your brain needs to rest

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It’s more or less assumed that freelancers are creative beings. We have to build our own businesses, which is a creative task in its own right — right?

Designers, developers, and writers, are just three types of freelancer whose businesses are based around creativity. So what happens if you lose the creative thread that winds around your career and life?

Here are five easy ways to regenerate, rejuvenate, and get those creative juices flowing again.

1. Take a step back from your work

If your brain is struggling to come up with new ideas or concepts, take a step back for a little while. …


A great work/life balance, but don’t talk back to the fridge

Home office — working from home
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Working from home has many advantages, but it’s not all relaxed days working in your pyjamas. You need to factor in lots of issues to make it work.

Getting into a routine and motivating yourself to do difficult work can be tricky, but there’s plenty to enjoy about working from your own home.

So here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of working from home as a freelancer.

The good

Alison Stephens

Full time freelance writer, work-from-home devotee, and advocate of the flexible lifestyle. Inspiring and helping others to gain a better work/life balance.

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