Don’t let isolation ruin your work from home experience

Woman sitting on a rock looking out a the view
Woman sitting on a rock looking out a the view

Coronavirus has changed the way we connect with others and when we work from home, loneliness can become an issue. Even if you love working from home, feelings of isolation can still creep in, making it difficult to concentrate and lowering productivity levels — in some cases derailing your entire day.

Being aware of the problem is half the battle, though, so what can you do to ward off these feelings, keep negativity at bay, and stay on track with your work?

There’s plenty of information online about exercising and eating well when you feel this way, and these are…


Get control of your cash and enjoy the freedom of freelancing

£1 coins on a table
£1 coins on a table

When I started out as a freelancer, money was one of my biggest concerns. How would I control my financial situation given the unpredictable nature of a freelance income?Would I have enough to get by?

It’s easy to feel worried when you’re used to earning a more stable income but there are specific ways to overcome this problem, safeguard your financial position, and feel less anxious.

It just takes a little time to consider, and put in place, strategies to deal with cash in your business. …


Take care of your soul

Pink cherry blossom
Pink cherry blossom

Keep life simple
Straightforward and plain
For that’s where the magic is
In the sunshine and rain

The changing seasons
Go by in a flash
And if you’re not careful
Your life will just pass

Take notice and see
As day follows night
The wonder of nature
As it lets in the light

Simple will change you
Pared down and free
No rushing and hustling
More time to just be

To sit and discover
Just what makes you tick
If you don’t take the time
It’ll be over too quick

Simple’s not boring It’s easy and free It’s an art…


Spend less time on marketing and more time making money

Someone typing on a laptop
Someone typing on a laptop

Whether you’re applying for jobs on freelance marketplaces or pitching clients directly, the effort you put into winning single jobs can make longer term working arrangements seem very attractive.

You can’t make generic applications — clients will spot them a mile off, and simply ignore them. You need to address each client brief with great care and detail so you stand out in the crowd of other applications.

So how can you convert a single piece of work into an ongoing working relationship with a client?

Here are a few areas to focus on, so when you land those gigs…


Endless opportunities and a great work/life balance

Picture of a typewriter with copywriter written on
Picture of a typewriter with copywriter written on

Copywriting is a creative process that persuades people to buy products and services. It’s a fantastic career that pays well, offers flexibility and independence, and lots of variety in your work.

Build a successful freelance career as a sales copywriter and you can look forward to a healthy work/life balance, and a healthy bank balance. It’s important to know that sales copywriting isn’t the same as content writing, though, although sometimes the terms are used interchangeably.

Copywriting is a specific form of writing that’s the bedrock of business sales. It succinctly and directly gets to the heart of why people…


Take time to consider life as a freelancer

Woman thinking about questions
Woman thinking about questions

Freelancing offers an amazing way of life, with independence, autonomy, and freedom built in — if you approach it in the right way. You also need to be a self-starter, resilient, and highly motivated with a steely determination.

Freelancing isn’t for everybody. Some people like the feeling of stability and consistence that employment offers, whilst others thrive on the social connections and politics of office life.

So if you’re considering a move into freelancing, whether you’re in work at the moment or not, it’s worthwhile asking yourself these five questions.

You’ll get an idea of whether you’d like the ups…


Take control of your working day

Weekly planner, pen, and cup of tea
Weekly planner, pen, and cup of tea

If you’re looking for a way to increase your productivity and make work that little bit easier, look no further than time blocking.

It’s a concept that helps you stay in a productive work flow throughout the day, and can be instrumental in building a successful freelance career.

It’s useful in any type of work. Whether you’re employed or self-employed, it can help you power through your working day with few issues, improve concentration, and just get that work done.

You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve achieved by the end of the day — refreshed and motivated to do…


Financial freedom as a freelancer

Accounting terms pinned onto a cork board
Accounting terms pinned onto a cork board

It’s a big deal when you receive your first pay as a freelancer. In fact, it’s huge — a light bulb moment and solid sign that you’re good at what you do, and can build a freelance career, sometimes out of nothing.

The realisation that over time you can build financial security, enjoy freedom, independence, and a better life is amazing.

But there’s a ‘but.’

You need to manage your money carefully as you build your freelance business as if you’re not mindful of where your money is going, the downhill spiral will be much quicker than the upward curve…


To de-clutter your life

De cluttering the workspace
De cluttering the workspace

For a few minutes a day
Stop what you’re doing and say
De-clutter and de-stress
You know it makes sense

For a beautiful mind
Take time to unwind
In a clear, ordered space
Go at your own pace

Start with a desk
A drawer or a shelf
A book or two
Magazines? Keep a few

Clear out your mind
Be thoughtful and kind
To those who object
They don’t know what’s best

Nor how to rest, in a disordered place
Where stuff takes up space
And fills up your head
With subconscious dread

A life full of things Is oppressive…


Build your ideal freelance life quickly

Make money written on a blackboard
Make money written on a blackboard

When it comes to making money as a freelancer, avoiding costly mistakes is important. You can build a flourishing career you’re proud of without the stresses of knowing you’ve left money on the table.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having the right mindset, though.

When you believe you can make money to live the life you want — whether that’s enjoying the independence of freelancing, or simply knowing you can take a holiday when you want — it makes the whole process easier.

So here are a few financial mistakes it’s very easy to make as a freelancer:

Not building an emergency fund

Alison Stephens

Full time freelance writer, work-from-home devotee, and advocate of the flexible lifestyle. Inspiring and helping others to gain a better work/life balance.

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